I Giuristi Democratici esprimono solidarietĂ  ai giuristi democratici filippini a congresso
Redazione 8 ottobre 2016 13:48

The Italian Association of Democratic Lawyers send its greetings and wishes to our sisters and brothers of the NUPL. We are very proud to have such comrades unrelentessly working and struggling for the sake of peace, democracy and human rights in the Philippines. I hope that Your Congress will represent an other step forward towards building up an effective and strong organization of democratic lawyers in Your country. Two years ago we organized a demonstration in face of the Filipino embassy in Rome and had an interesting meeting with some members of Your diplomatic representation, in the framework of the day of the endangered lawyer which was dedicated to the Filipino Lawyers. We are still ready to operate in solidarity with You in order to create favourable conditions for the exercise of the legal professions which represents a basis for the rule of law. Moreover we are working with the many Filipino migrants in Italy who are building up their own organization. These and many others are the issues on which we will keep working together. Best wishes for Your Congress,

Fabio Marcelli, Italian Democratic Lawyers